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New Logos Designed

Our graphics team completed some new logo design concepts. There were three designs that the team wanted more insight on, so we sent out the three concepts to a few colleagues with hopes of receiving valuable input.

The most popular design is as follows:

"The red one definitely caught my eye the most. The colors blend well and kinda give it a space age feel. Definitely something I feel could start a trend [in] the future.." (Josh M.)

After review, I do agree that this design is the best that the Team produced. The other two designs do, however, deserve an honorable mention.

The other two designs:

I want to know what you think. Which design do you think trumps the other two? Let us know through the "Contact" page or with a comment!

Here at Vaam we do offer graphic design services for other companies as well as individuals. Please contact us if you're interested in our services.



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